European journals online

This page lists European journals available in open access online. If you want your journal to be added to this list, please write to europeanmusictheory[at]

• ZGMth, Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie
• Analitica online, Rivista di analisi, GATM
• Musimédiane, Revue Audiovisuelle et Multimédia d’Analyse Musicale, SFAM
• Časopis Theoria, Journal of the Croatian Association of Music Theorists, HDGT
• Music Analysis, published on behalf of the SMA. An increasing number of articles (apparently starting from n. 36/2, 2017) are freely accessible.
• Журнал Общества теории музыки, Journal of the OTM.
• Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie, Journal of the VvM, archives of volumes 1 (1996) to 18 (2013).

• Musicology Today, University of Warsaw (2004-2012)
• Zbornik radova Akademije umetnosti, Acts of the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
• ATeM Archiv für Textmusikforschung, Institut für Romanistik der Universität Innsbruck
• Gli spazi della musica, Rivista open access di ricerca musicologica e culture comparate pubblicata presso la Università degli Studi di Torino – Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici (StudiUm)
• Philomusica on-line, periodico musicologico aperto, nato nel 2001 con l’intento di dar conto delle attività di ricerca del Dipartimento di Musicologia e Beni Culturali dell’Università di Pavia e per offrire uno spazio privilegiato allo scambio e alla collaborazione tra studiosi dell’ambito musicologico
• RFIM, French journal Informatique et Musique, published by the Association française d’informatique musicale
• Hellenic Journal of Music, Education, and Culture (HeJMEC), New international, on-line, open-access, and peer reviewed journal devoted to critical study and critical analysis of issues related to the fields of Music, Education, and Culture
• Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (JSMI), A journal to promote Irish musicological scholarship
• RPM, Revista portuguesa de musicologia
• Studia Musicologica Norvegica, the primary forum for the publication of musicological research in Norway.
• Music Scholarship, Russian Journal of Academic Studies
• Opera musicologica, A Quarterlу Journal of the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory
• Musicology Papers (Lucări de muzicologie), Journal of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Rumania
• Artes. Journal of Musicology, a Romanian peer-reviewed journal.
• Musicology Journal of the National University of Music Bucharest.
• Arti musices, the only specialized scholarly journal in the field of musicology in Croatia. It has been published continously since 1969 in Zagreb.
• Danish Yearbook of Musicology, peer-reviewed scholarly journal related to musical research in the widest sense, supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities.
• Danish Musicology Online, formed in 2012 with the aim of creating publication opportunities for Danish music research initiatives that cross institutional boundaries, DMO is open to non-Danish researchers and contributions in English, Swedish, Norwegian and German are welcome.
• Swedish Journal of Music Research, peer-reviewed online and in print journal issued by the Swedish Society for Musicology. It is the result of a recent merge of the two journals Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning/STM and STM-Online.

• Understanding Bach, Web Journal of the Bach Network UK
• JIMS, Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies, an international journal promoting collaborations between sciences and humanities
• JCMS, Journal of Creative Music Systems, University of Huddersfield
• RJMA, Revue d’études du Jazz et des Musiques Audiotactiles, Centre de Recherche International sur le Jazz et les Musiques Audiotactiles
• Volume ! Issues are free online three years after publication

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