This page lists past activities of the participating societies and their friends. It shows the activities as they had been announced on the main page of Activities since the creation of this website in April 2019. Links may not all be available anymore.

16 May 2020. Brain. Cognition. Emotion. Music. Online conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

29 February-1 March 2020. Beethoven 2020: Analytical and Performative Perspectives. International Conference organized by the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory, Amsterdam, Conservatorium. Call for papers.

28-29 February 2020. Workshop Analysis and Interpretation, organized by the Associació de Teoria, Barcelona. Call for papers.

9-10 November 2019. 15th Days of Music Theory, Academy of Music, University of Zagreb.

26 October 2019. Study day on the ‘Epistemology of Phrases’, University of Leeds.

14–15 October 2019. International Music Conference Music Research in Slovenia, Past and Present, The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia . Description and call for papers.

• 10–13 October 2019. XVIth Convegno Internationale, The Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale, Rimini. Call for papers.

• 4–6 October 2019. 19th annual Congress, Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie, University of the Arts, Zürich. Interface between Composition, Interpretation and Analysis.

• 2–5 October 2019. Fourth International Congress, Russian Society for Music Theory, Nazib Zhiganov Kazan’ State Conservatory. Musical Terms, Concepts and Categories.

• 27-28 July 2019. SotonMAC 2019, International Music Analysis Conference of the Society for Music Analysis (SMA), University of Southampton, Department of Music. Preceded by a Music Analysis Summer School for postgraduate students and early career scholars on 27-28 July 2019.

14–16 November 2019. ENIM 2019, IX Encontro de Investigação em Música, Sociedade Portuguesa de Investigação em Música. Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

18–19 November 2019. Fifth Biennal Meeting of the Belgian Society for Music Analysis in the Royal Conservatoire, Liège, on the theme Representation and analysis. Details on the website of the SBAM.

29–30 November 2019. JMA 2019, French Music Analysis Conference, in the CRR, Paris, on the theme Applications of Practices and Theories of Analysis Today.

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